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When you spot a problem with your garage door, don't hesitate in contacting Community Garage Door Service for immediate service. The problem may seem minor to you, but it will turn into something much more complex and difficult to fix if you ignore it. Never try to repair your garage door on your own, regardless of the issue. Today's garage doors are complex pieces of equipment that can cause serious injury or property damage when handled by an unskilled person in Compton, CA.

We rely on industry standards to guide us in performing the garage door repairs you need. If your door is older, it will probably start showing signs of age before you experience any type of breakdown. One thing you can to do keep your garage door operational as long as possible is to schedule regular preventive maintenance. This small investment gives you peace of mind because it allows our technicians to find and repair small problems before they cause your garage door to become useless.

Garage Door Inspections 

Commercial garage doors have multiple moving parts that work in coordination with each other to enable it to open and close. If one of these complex parts doesn't work properly, it has an effect on the overall operation of the garage door. That is why you need to call on us rather than attempt to fix the problem on your own. You should also arrange for regular inspections to ensure the long-term safety of your garage door. Upon inspection of the garage door for your business, Community Garage Door Service inspects all of its parts. This typically includes all hardware, springs located on each side of the door, tracks, cables, and the remote you use to open and close the garage door. We pay careful attention to all working parts so we can easily spot ones that are worn out or likely to break soon.

Our experienced service technicians know exactly how a garage door operates and the purpose for every piece of equipment. After a careful evaluation, our employees will let you know of any areas that require further attention. Additionally, we complete several areas of standard maintenance for every garage that we service. Some of these functions include adjusting the tension of springs, replacing parts that have worn out, and adding lubrication to areas that need it. Completing these simple tasks has a big impact on the efficiency of your garage door for years to come.

Damaged Doors

The stress of everyday use and one-time accidents are both common reasons for a garage door to become damaged. No matter how it happened, dealing with a non-functional garage door can be stressful and take up a lot of your time. We also understand that you're concerned about the safety of everyone inside of the home or business. While other companies in Compton, CA may put you on their schedule, Community Garage Door Service will arrive to repair the problem shortly after you call us. When you have an emergency garage door repair need, know that you can contact us 24 hours a day for immediate help. We can fix any type of problem and work with almost all brands of garage doors.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

The track located on your garage door is what causes it to open and close upon command. When the garage door comes loose from the track, you may not be able to open or close it. This can happen when cables snap after many years of with standing the pressure of daily use. A garage door can also come off-track due to very high or low temperatures. When a cable breaks, it usually happens on either the left or right side of the track as the door is moving upward.

Community Garage Door Service Compton, CA 310-846-3027Your garage door may also leave its track due to a foreign object blocking its path. Regardless of how it got off-track, it's essential to contact the professionals at Community Garage Door Service to fix it rather than trying to complete the job yourself. We have years of experience with this problem and will quickly make your garage door functional again. Attempting to fix a track problem with your garage door could result in a dangerous situation in addition to the need for costly repairs. We always make sure the entire area is secure after repairing the track on a garage door.